Foster and Cranfield Auctioneers of Endowment Policies

Foster & Cranfield was established in 1843 and has the distinction of being the only  auctioneer of endowment policies and financial assets in the world. We hold live weekly auctions of endowment policies, life interests and equity release at our offices at 25 Britton Street, London EC1 for the general public and market makers who are looking to buy endowment policies.

We value and auction with-profit endowment policies issued by a long list of endowment policy providers and we do not insist on a minimum surrender value when auctioning an endowment policy.

There are many reasons to sell your endowment policy, but primarily these would be:



 Debt Re-structuring

Moving Abroad

 School Fees

By selling your endowment policy through auction you are guaranteed to receive more than the surrender value offered by your endowment policy provider because you set a reserve.

In addition to valuing with-profit endowment policies, we also provide valuations for most types of financial assets including family trusts, royalties and lifetime interests.

We are specialists in valuing and offering for auction the following:

With-profit Endowment Policies and Whole Life Endowment Policies

Life Interests and Reversionary Interests held under Trusts

Interests arising from Divorce settlements

Income streams (Royalties, poster hoardings)


Foster & Cranfield
Auctioneers & Valuers of Financial Rights & Interests

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Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the sale of financial interests